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4 janv. 2017

Simply Happy & Ready for Seventeen

That's just it! My way of telling you that Life is a Beauty & that this "new" year will be great!

Hope you enjoyed! If yes, like, share and why not do and share your own positive video?

Let's do a chained reaction of Joy and Light.

in lak'ech
Let's aim to be a better version of ourself

I was inspired by this beautiful soul Freyja from Australia 🇦🇺 ;) 

11 déc. 2016

#MTL Agile Lounge is coming in 2017!

Lounge Sway Way of Meeting!
 Ma compagnie AF J Solutions et son équipe travaillent actuellement à la finalisation d'un projet emballant pour la communauté Agile (Lean, Srcum, Kanban) de Montréal.

Nous proposerons dès 2017 une nouvelle manière d'agir en coaching Agile and it will be bilingual and even maybe en Español!

Une approche dynamique, innovante et moderne dans des environnements propices à la créativité et au désir de transformation des équipes Agile néophytes ou en progression.

Pour être avisé des développements et assister au lancement: Twitter nous à @JolySolutions avec le #AgileLoungeMTL  #AgileLounge #MTL

Bonne fin d'année et à très bientôt!

7 nov. 2016

What if you are manipulated from every side ? What if Trump is REAL and WIN ?

On top of everything, of every ''opinions'' or sides you are, admit it, how many of your friends seems brainwashed by the main stream medias (MSM) ?   How often do you ear, especially young hipster women that Trump is a sexist and racist ?   Is that the only argument the once progressive left has to say against a conservative freak ?  30 years after, the so called left is no longer progressive, only whining and regressive with no arguments about the real issues or policy.  No their are just offended by what the MSM BS program them to be offended about.

In this video editorial and free of any prep text, I speak my mind and hearth reviewing what I saw, heard and felt in my many travels in USA last year + what I could watch on both MSM (Main Stream Media)  and ALT media.  It's not necessary about supporting Trump, it's about the message and the manipulation that it is used by everyone to get lies between the truth.  Is there truth anyway or just EGO & Selfishness ?

TRUMP is REAL and speak from his heart and head.  He is convince of his mission and this is wonderful, no mater you like him or not.  We have to admit that this man is consistent and true to himself, is family and people.

See it here for yourself, in this powerful and well done video from Patrick Henry about 3 decade of Trump views and opinion and showing is true self and consistency.

Even the progressist  Micheal Moore come to the fact that DJT have a point and he is courageous, even if Micheal Moor is a SACK of SHIT and manipulate people:

In for all of you that want to clean yourself from the MSM propaganda by, maybe another propaganda, I don't know, but guys, wake up, question more and think for yourself going out your safe space bubble of think alike...    Listen to Lynne Patton, one of Trump Org. Exect:

On November 8th:  I am with you:  Movement of People who have enough of BS.  Take the risk of doing otherwise and fight the NWO Globalist!  Solidarity with the objective just!

All around the World WE have enough of #MSM #BS #PC and hypocrisy! #DrainTheSwamp From DC to Everywhere.  #MAGA #Canuck4Trump

In lak'ech

Billets les plus lus ce mois-ci!


Shades of Blue :: is a documentary revealing the physical and spiritual connection between the water ecosystems of the Yucatan Peninsula and its people shadesofbluemovie.com

Shades of Blue - English version from Jonathan Glancy on Vimeo.

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